Only a few hours from Kyrgyzstan's capital of Bishkek, the town of Bokonbaevo and the surrounding Tong District have it all. For outdoor types there are trekking tours, the beautiful Issyk-Kul Lake, and horseback riding excursions. Or for those interested in tradition and culture the Tong District is home to eagle hunters, yurt making and other skills that have flourished to this day.



Issyk-Kul Lake is the sea of Kyrgyzstan. Due to its size, it's the second largest mountain lake worldwide and does not only attract locals but people from all over the world.

Salt Lake

The Salt Lake  which is located  close to Bokonbaevo is something very special. Due to its high level of salt it is impossible to sink and the surrounding mud is said to have healing powers.




Fairytale Canyon

This canyon really deserves its name! The sandstone will surprise you in different colours and is likely to have inspired many Kyrgyz fairytales.

Jeti Oguz

Jeti Oguz can be translated as 'Seven Bulls' into English and by the look at this huge rock formation you will know why. The surrounding mountains also invite for a nice walk or hike.




Barskoon Waterfalls

There are several waterfalls in the Barskoon valley, which are a real must-see when coming to Bokonbaevo. One of the largest waterfalls of Kyrgyzstan is here and in summer you can also take a bath in it.

Local Art Museum

A local artist of Bokonbaevo opened this art museum and exhibits not only his own work but also the work of his students. His work is something special, since it is inspired by the local nature.