Jeti Oguz can be translated as 'Seven Bulls' into English and by the pictures below you know why! Jeti Oguz is a perfect stop on the way from Bokonbaevo to Karakol and we will be glad to assist you in planning your trip there.

According to a legend about the origin of this astonishing rock formation, the wife of a khan was stolen by another khan. The robbed khan asked a wise man for advise, who advised him to kill his wife. So the khan, who stole his wife, can have a dead wife but not a living one. At a feast the khan sat next to his ex-wife and when the seventh bull was slaughtered, he got his knife and killed the woman. Her blood carried down the slaughtered bulls, where they became this red rock formation.




Besides the red rocks there is an ancient cementery with burial mounds dating back to the 6th century in Jeti Oguz village. A sanatorium which was constructed during the earlier stage of Soviet Union can also be visited. Here former President Akaev and Yeltsin met in 1991. Jeti Oguz is a perfect stop on your way from Bokonbaevo to Karakol that you should not miss!