The skills required for our national Horse Games are those, that are typical for nomads: great physical strength, a unique relationship to the horse and of course a distinctive team spirit! In Kyrgyzstan exist many different Horse Games that you can all experience in Bokonbaevo.

'Ulak tartysh' means 'to grab a goat' and can be understood literally. This game is famous all over Central Asia and requires two teams and a goat corpse. The players try to grab the goat from the ground and ride with it to their goal. By throwing the corpse into the goal, the teams score points. At the end of the game the winning team traditionally has to prepare the goat for the losers, so they don't feel too disappointed.

'Eer oodarysh' is wrestling on horses between two men. They try to push each other from the respective horse. Great physical strength is required for this kind of game.

'Kyz kuumai' includes a woman that tries to run away on her horse from a man chasing her. If the man manages to reach her, he gets a kiss from her.

'Tiyin engmei' encompasses the presentation of the great riding skills of Kyrgyz people. While galloping the rider tries to collect a coin from the ground.

Our Horse Games package includes the display of all these games and lasts around 2 hours. If you wish, the riders will also invite you to eat the prepared goat with them. Maximum group size is unlimited.

Prices for 2022:
Horse Games - 19.000 som