Traditional Music

Traditional music in Krygyzstan is still a very important part of the local culture. The songs are folkloric in nature and cover various themes. For example, some songs relate the classic tales of Kyrgyz antiquity, while others may describe the natural beauty of the mountains, or a young shepard's yearning to be with his beloved wife whilst alone in a "jailoo." Performers foremost use the komuz, a three string instrument that musicians can play in a very flexible way, such as behind the head, or with a fist. Other instrumets in a performance include a mouth harp, drums, flute and accordian.


The Tong Distirct is home to a famous family of musicians called the Kut. They are descendant from a long line of sheep herders that have perserved their family traditions of music, folklore and poetry. They have toured the world giving performances, but are often available to play in the Bokonbaevo area.

Prices for 2022:

Folklore Show - 6.500som