Besides our tours we offer you the opportunity to get to know more about Kyrgyzstan's culture, people and traditions. Kyrgyz people maintain and cultivate their nomadic heritage until today. Learn everything about eagle hunting, traditional crafts, Kyrgyz folklore or our exciting horse games.

Eagle Hunting

The ancient practice of hunting with a golden eagle is primarily preserved at the South Shore of lake Issyk-Kul. Only here you will get the chance to experience this old tradition.

Traditional Crafts

Our local master will be happy to introduce you to the arts of felt making and the production of nomadic yurts. You can even make your own felt carpets to bring home to your friends and family!

Folklore Show

Listen to our traditional music performed by famous Kyrgyz musicians on ancient instruments like the komuz or the ooz komuz.

Horse Games

What did nomads do in their spare time? Of course they spent it playing games on their horses. These centuries-old traditions will definitely impress you!