Barskoon Valley is only a one-hour drive away from Bokonbaevo and a place you should definitely visit. It's not only the finish point of various hiking tours but also worth a visit for its mountainous landscape, rivers, streams and huge waterfalls.

On the way to the Kumtor gold mine lies Barskoon valley. Not only today is it an economically important valley, but already in ancient times Barskoon village was used as a caravanserai on the Silk Road. In modern times Barskoon itself was first used by tsaristic Russian military as a post. During an uprising against the Russians in 1916 many Kyrgyz fled through this valley to China. Many died on their way, this is why the pass behind Barskoon valley bears the name "Bone pass".

Today - besides old ruins of the caravanserai - nothing in the valley will remind you of its rich history. But due to its huge waterfalls and astonishing scenery it is definitely worth a visit. You can have a nice walk in this valley and see one of the biggest waterfalls of Kyrgyzstan. Afterwards have a rest at the river, relax and try to spot an Eagle or other birds of prey, of which live plenty here. It is also a perfect stop on the way to Karakol or Jeti Oguz. We will be glad to assist you by planing your trip to Barskoon valley.